EV Drives

  • Brushless electric motors
  • Motor controllers
  • Control instruments
  • Battery packs with integrated BMS
  • Chargers for battery packs
  • Integration of all components

R&D Engineering

  • CAD (SolidWorks)
  • CAM (SolidCAM)
  • High precision machining on 3-4 axis CNC milling machines
  • 3D printing
  • laser cutting and engraving

Mould Design and Production

  • Design and construction of moulds
  • 3D milling of pra-models from different materials
  • CFK or GFK composite moulds production
  • 3D milling of moulds from metal (Alu, steel)
  • 3D milling of industrial modeling tooling boards

Composite Parts Production

  • glassfibre parts – GFK
  • carbonfibre parts – CFK

Aviation Equipment

  • Schempp-Hirth gliders
  • Cobra trailers
  • Radios & transponders (TRIG, AIR Avionics)
  • Navigation, variometers, flight recorders, power Flarm (LXNAV, LX Navigation, Kanardia)
  • Pneumatic instruments (Winter)
  • Conopy Flash (Sotecc)
  • Ground handling (SoaringXX)
  • Covers for sailplanes (Clouddancers)
  • Emergency parachutes (Spekon)

Aviation Maintenance

  • Instrument panels (modifications and instruments installation)
  • Cockpit and upholstery renewals
  • Refinishing
  • Other modifications, repairs, and inspections