It all started with a dream … by a boy who built model gliders.

It turned to a vision … by a young pilot who studied electrical and mechanical engineering.

And then it became a decision … TO REVOLUTIONIZE THE WORLD OF GLIDING.

LZ design d.o.o. was established in 2010 and is located in the heart of Europe, in Slovenia. The company and it’s employees combine a vast amount of know-how, good ideas and plenty of enthusiasm.

Our main activity is development and production of an innovative FES (Front Electric Self-launch / Self-sustainer) propulsion system for sailplanes. FES is entirely our product – from the idea to the final production and assembly.

We can also offer our R&D capabilities, production and consulting in area of sport aviation, composite technologies and mechanical engineering. We have a good connection with our international partners, and we represent their products on our market.

1st FES Prototype
  • FES system prototype development and installation into LAK 17A sailplane
  • 1st FES test flight in October
LZ design Ltd. established
  • LZ design Ltd. is established
  • LZ design and FES presented at AERO – Friedrichshafen
  • Best Innovation award – IFIA
  • FES system installed into LAK17B – for JSC Sportine Aviacija ir Ko (Lithuania)
  • First FES appearance on WGC2010 – Szeged
FES further development
  • 1st installation into Silent 2 – for Alisport (Italy)
  • 1st FES self-launching test flights with Silent 2 Electro and LAK17A FES
  • Presentation at AERO and participation at Berblinger Prize competition
1st Flight AS13,5m
  • 1st Flight of AS13,5m FES, Albastar (Slovenia)


FES further development
EASA certification
  • Achieved EASA certification of LAK17B FES
  • During AERO 2014 in Friedrichafen presented: 1st Ventus 2cxa FES, Schempp-Hirth (Germany)
AERO 2015 in Friedrichafen presented
  • 1st Discus 2c FES, Schempp-Hirth (Germany)
  • 1st HPH304 ES, HPH Sailplanes (Czech Republic)
1st Diana FES
  • 1st flight of Diana 2 FES, Avionic (Poland)
OSTIV Prize, more certification
  • OSTIV prize to Luka Znidarsic for developing a simple electric powered propulsion system, allowing easy and safe operation and usable for wide range of sailplanes
  • EASA certification of Discus 2c FES, Schempp Hirth
  • 1st flight of Ventus 3 FES, Schempp Hirth
Battery improvements
  • Modification of 150 pairs of FES battery packs – protection against fire.
More planes
DG1001-e, first FES two-seater
First flight LAK17C FES and Duo Discus FES
  • First flight of LAK17C FES
  • First flight of Duo Discus FES
  • E3GLIDE competition in Varese, Italy
300th FES Milestone