Luka Žnidaršič


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Matjaž Brus

Jurij Martinčič

Tadej Poropat

Matevž Steržaj

Matic Medvešek

Luka Žnidaršič –  inventor of FES system

From early youth Luka was passionate builder and designer of many free flying and RC models. At age 15 he started with gliding and soon he become the winner of his first nationals as the youngest competitor. Luka participated on many international gliding competitions, including five WGC. Winner or Euroglide 2018, and E-glide 2019. He achieved 1000km diploma, 4000 flying hours, on more than 40 different sailplane types. First glider with FES was Luka’s personal LAK17A. Today he is flying Ventus-3 FES “LZ” or Duo Discus FES “LF”.
He completed secondary school of Electrical engineering, and graduated from Aeronautical engineering at the University of Ljubljana. He is also a specialist in CAD/CAM technologies and experienced in sailplane tuning and repairs.

Matija Žnidaršič – FES motor developer

Luka’s father Matija was also a model builder. He completed secondary school of Electrical engineering and later graduated from Mechanical engineering at the University of Ljubljana. He is an experienced cross-country pilot and gliding instructor with 4000 gliding hours. Electric motors are his passion. FES brushless motor is mainly his development. Today he is flying LAK17B FES “Z” or Duo Discus “ZM”