We are glad to announce that LAK17C FES has finally been granted Type Certification (TC) by EASA on 2nd February, 2024. This achievement marks a significant milestone for the LZ design and SAirKo, as this is now the first EASA certified 18m self-launcher with FES (Front Electric Selflaunch).

Although that C model have a lot in common with already certified 15-18m sustainer LAK17B FES, and with its smaller and lighter 13,5m self-launching brother LAK17B FES Mini, it took another 4 years to obtain EASA certification for C model as self-launcher with its high landing gear, more powerful motor and 6,4kWh energy storage capacity GEN4 16S 56Ah battery packs. Self-launch is allowed up to take-off weight of 455kg (without water ballast), which represent 44kg/m2 wing-loading. With relatively low wing-loading, even less experienced recreational pilots will feel safe in combination with easy to use and well proven FES system.

At this occasion we would like to express gratitude to SAirKo company – LAK gliders manufacturer and TC holder, and also to Lak-Aviation GmbH for all their work, support, and patience, while sharing and supporting vision of LZ design, regarding future of our wonderful sport.

Short video: “Lak17c-FES Impressive Self-launching Sailplane!“, by Luka Hojnik

Link to TCDS (Type Certificate Data Sheet) published on EASA website.