We are happy to announce that DG1001 e neo has finally been granted Type Certification (TC) by EASA with new FES GEN4 16S 84Ah battery packs on 8th January, 2024. This achievement marks a significant milestone for the LZ design and DG Aviation. 3 years journey to obtain EASA certification for new family of GEN4 battery pack was incredibly challenging and complex, and the impact of the Covid pandemic did not help either.

During the certification process, one significant challenge was demonstrating compliance with the battery fire propagation requirements. It was required to design battery in a way to prevent fire spread from a single burning cell. Overall, the successful acceptance of FES GEN4 battery packs family represents a remarkable team achievement of LZ design, DG Aviation and Schempp-Hirth showcasing dedication and perseverance throughout this demanding certification journey. At this occasion we would like to express gratitude also to responsible employees of EASA and LBA for fruitful cooperation on this project.

We have developed four different versions of FES GEN4 battery packs for new FES  powered sailplanes from DG Aviation, Schempp-Hirth, HPH Sailplanes and SAirKo etc. We expect that different Technical Notes that each manufacturer has already submitted to their aviation authorities will soon be approved for the use of a specific FES GEN4 battery pack version for each of their existing EASA certified FES powered sailplane.

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Link to TCDS (Type Certificate Data Sheet) published on EASA website.