FES news

February 2018

Dear FES owners, please find our 2nd information letter, regarding work progress over the past three months.

December 2017

24.12. Maiden flight of Ventus-3F and Ventus-3M, just in time for Christmas present!
More about this important milestone for FES future on Schemmp-Hirth website.

22.12. We are glad to inform you that SAirKo, manufacturer of LAK sailplanes received the EASA major change approval number 10064174 for their LAK17B FES to be able to fly without restrictions after performing the required changes..

15.12. We are glad to inform you that HPH sailplanes received the EASA major change approval number 10064072 for their FES equipped Shark 304eS sailplanes to be able to fly without restrictions after performing the required changes.

November 2017

27.11. We are glad to inform you that Schempp-Hirth received the EASA major change approval number 100634863 for their FES equipped sailplanes to be able to fly without restrictions after performing the required changes.

We expect that similar approval will be soon approved also for HPH and SAirKO and their FES equipped sailplanes.

FES flies again - information published on Schempp-Hirth web site.
EASA Major Change approval for FES system

October 2017

Dear fellow glider pilots, FES owners and electric flight enthusiasts, please find our letter, regarding recent FES incidents.

September 2017

On Sept 6th 2017, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) issued Airworthiness Directive (AD) number 2017-0167-E. The AD identifies the occurrence of fires in the FES battery packs produced by LZ Design. It is unknown whether the fires are a result of battery internal issues, the specific installations in the affected aircraft, or external conditions such as mishandling. LZ Design is collaborating with the EASA and also the AAIB from UK with the intent to issue battery inspection procedures and, if necessary, modification instructions.

July 2017

Ventus 2cxa FES become a winner of Green Speed Cup 2017. See results here.

March-April 2017

We would like to invite you to visit us at Aero 2017 in Friedrichafen, Hall B5 stand No.: B5-431, See you there!

January 2017

OSTIV (International Scientific and Technical Soaring Organisation) prize was awarded to Luka Znidarsic, for his contribution to develop a simple electric powered propulsion system.

Two FES equipped sailplanes successfully participated on WGC in Benalla, Australia:
-Stefano Ghiorzo flew Versus FES (modified Diana2) in 15m class finished 8th total,
-Luka Znidarsic flew Ventus 2cxa FES in 18m class.

November 2016

Last year we were very busy! So we just realized that we only managed to publish fresh FES news on our facebook page (as publishing there is much more strainghtforward).

Direct link to many news published on FB in recent year https://www.facebook.com/lzdesign.si

November 2015

5.11.2015 - First flight of Discus 2c FES! More info on official website of Schempp-Hirth. On photo above is Schempp-Hirth factory new demo glider! (author: B.Weber)

September 2015

Mr. Tilo Holighaus, choose to fly our Ventus 2cxa FES, during FAI Sailplane Grand Prix finale in Varese, Italy! You can find more pictures and videos of this exicing event on official website.

Wining moment of Tilo at the end of 3rd race!

Highlights of 3rd race - Video
The machines - Video

August 2015

Many things happened in recent months:
-during Aero were presented 2 new FES types; Schempp-Hirth Discus 2c FES and HPH304 Shark FES
-Luka Znidarsic was flying with his Ventus 2cxa FES during QSGP in Frydtland in Czech Republic, and on European Gliding Championships in Ocseny, Hungary.

In mean time we manage to complete our new Silent 2 Electric with competition mark "FES", just in time for 1st FAI 13,5m class World Gliding Championships in Lithuania.

New class is limited to 13,5m wingspan and maximum wing loading 35kg/m2.
Luka achived a daily win on 5th task. Results

April 2015

We worked hard during winter time to develop FES for two additional glider types! They will be for the first time presented, during AERO in Friedrichshafen from 15.4-18.4.

Our FES system will be possible to see installed on gliders, at next locations:

-Schempp-Hirth, in Hall A1-113!
-UAB Sportine Aviacija ir Ko, in Foyer West-21
-HPH, in Hall A1-101
-Alisport S.R.L, in Hall A1-302

See you on Aero!

October 2014

LAK17B FES now with EASA Type Certificate!

LZ design and SAirKo worked together on this certification project, with EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) in Cologne, for more than 4 years, and now we finally succeded. This achivement represent a major step forward to more safe and independent future of gliding!

This is the first EASA certification for electric self-sustainer type of sailplane!

August 2014

The Schempp-Hirth company, who is the world's leading manufacturer of high performance sailplanes, just publish on their website, article regarding our visit to their company. We came to Hahnweide airfield with our new Ventus 2cxa FES, and invited Mr. Tilo Holighaus and his engineers-pilots to finally perform a few test flights, as without their support this project could not happend:

Our impressions were very positive and were thrilled by the FES concept, in all respects. A convincing system!

...and with immediate effect we will be offering the production of more such sailplanes: the Ventus-2cxa equipped with LZ DESIGN’s FES propulsion system!

Their conclusion represent a big milestone for FES propulsion system, and also for future of gliding sport!

Here is link to the article on Schempp-Hirth website.

Mr. Tilo Holighaus, CEO of Schempp-Hirth, preparing for the first flight with FES!

July 2014

In June/July issue of Sailplane&Gliding magazine, there is a nice article about AERO 2014, with our Ventus 2cxa FES on first page!

June 2014

SGP Varese

Winner of 3rd competition day of Sailplane Grand Prix in Varese, was Luka Znidarsic, with Ventus 2cxa FES!!!
Results of 3rd competition day

Luka also achived second place on 4th competition days, and finished 5th in final results!
Results of 4th competition day

Photogalery from Sailplane Grand Prix competition in Varese taken by Sandi Kavalic.