FES accesories

FES Calendar 2019 - limited edition

Order it now at: info@lzdesign.si
Price is 30€, VAT and shipment included.

FES Discharging assistant

FES discharging assistant is best choice for safe discharging of FES battery pack, to 50% of charge. Such charge is suitable for long transports and storage of battery packs (price 190€+VAT).
Link to manual.

FES Stainless steel box

For advanced protection of FES GEN2 battery packs during transportation and storage (price 450€+VAT, for two boxes).

FES LCD display

FES LCD touch screen displays parameters of the FES battery pack in real-time and diagnose the potential errors in the FES battery pack. It is more user-friendly solution compared to our standard FES BMS Control software, which require PC with Windows operation system (price 190€+VAT).
Link to manual.

FES bridge (from LXNAV)

With FES bridge is possible to connect FCU instrument to LX90XX and LX80XX series of flight computers. FES parameters can be presented on big screen of flight computer, and 6 parameters of FES system can be logged to igc file (price 175€+VAT).

MOP2 sensor (from LXNAV)

(price 290€+VAT)

1200W charger

For faster charging (price 690€+VAT).

2000W charger

For quick charging (price 970€+VAT).

FES propeller covers

For safety and protection of propeller blades on the ground (price 45€+VAT).