LAK17C FES for sale!

We offer LZ design company glider LAK17C FES

Photos of glider and equipment

Video of selflaunch from grass

Basic description

18m FES selflauncher, with 33kW max power and high landing gear for good propeller clearence.
Capable of selflauching from grass runway without water ballast.
Serial number: 301
Built and test flown in May 2020 (by LAK factory, without FES, basic instruments)
After FES and instruments installed at LZ design, test flown on 26th August just in time for E2glide
Registration: LY-GQU, competition marking "Charly", stickers for easy change
Permit to Fly
Only 35h fligth time, 22 flights, perfect condition

Glider features

18m version, with flaps and winglets
Acrylic paint
High landing gear for high propeller clearence
Berringer main wheel with hydraulic disk brake
Tail wheel inflatable, with brass rim for optimal CG (2,5kg heavier compared to standard)
Automatic hook ups for all controls and the water ballast system
Safety harness with four point buckle SCHROTH
VHF antenna in tail fin, transponder antenna on fuselage side
Water ballast provision in the wings 150 liter, 8 liter in the vertical stabilizer
Front tow-hook TOST-below instrument panel (additional C.G. hook can be installed optionaly)
Holders for installation of oxygen bottle
Control surfaces with mylar seals, teflon tapes under seals, turbulators
Wingtip wheels
Blue tinted canopy, with side rail window and air-scoop
Canopy cover
Customized cockpit interior Delux by Gagula with alcantara
Cockpit edge Nextel painted, to avoid canopy reflection of otherwise white cockpit edge

FES system with all equipment (standard and optional)

FES GEN2 16S battery packs
FCU (FES control unit) instrument, with integrated SD card logging
FES bridge (connect FCU to LX9070), monitoring and logging FES data on LX9070
Two FES KOP1001E middle power chargers
12V Pb tail battery
Charger BMS cable
Charger BMS PC cable
FES SS transportation/storage box for FES battery packs
Protection covers for propeller blades
FES LCD display
FES Discharger 2

Instruments (instaled by LZ design)

LX9070F flight computer (IGC approved with integrated Power Flarm)
LX V8 vario unit
Wifi modul for rain radar feature
LX Remote stick, black leather
Flap position sensor, connected to LX9070
MOP2 sensor, connected to LX9070
Flarm Display V3, with special LZ design LAK holder
Air avionics display AC57-3 instruments in one fi 57mm hole (Becker RT 6201 radio, Garrecht VT-01 Class 2 transponder, altimeter)
transponder antenna fin on left side behind the wheel
Airpath C 2300 compass
Airspeed Winter, fi 57mm (metric), can be replaced with knots if required by customer
2x loudspeakers Visaton PL5RV (variometer, radio), near shoulders right side of cockpit

DC/DC converter supply 12V power to all instruments from FES battery packs

Ground handling equipment

Two wing stands
Wing walker, Soaring XX
Tow bar foldable, IMI)
Tail dolly, LZ design

Price for glider (with instruments and ground handling equipment, except trailer and other optional equipment): 115K€+VAT

Optional Cobra trailer - new in 2020 with next features:

Alu top cover
Alu sandwich floor
Straight beam tongue
Shock absorbers
Double lift arms
Hydraulic lifting mechanism of extension rails
Third rail and extension rail
Strap to secure fuselage
Wingtip and winglet holders
Spare wheel
FES nose holder
Approved for 100km/h
Price for trailer: 15K€+VAT

Other optional equipment

Covers: Cloudancers or Novak wingcovers, price on request
Rescue parachute: Speckon RE 5+, price on request
One Man Rigging System: Electric by Soaring XX, price on request
Other options available on request

Contact: Luka Znidarsic
(+386 41 449194)